本公司保证其产品在正常的住宅使用和服务下,不存在材料和工艺上的缺陷, as set forth in our statement of limited warranty. The Company’s limited warranty does not apply to fabric. 本公司在其有限保修项下的唯一和唯一义务是,根据本公司的选择,维修或更换在适用保修期内退还给本公司并经本公司判定有缺陷的所有产品. 请参阅本指南中的“有限保证”部分或公司网站www上的完整有限保证.ciscobrothers.com. No other representations and/or warranties, either expressed or implied are made with respect to the products, 包括, but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, 所有权或非侵权或任何其他保证可能产生的使用、贸易或交易过程.

保修 Terms for Specific Goods

Upholstered Furniture: 在任何重新装潢或未经授权维修所述商品的情况下,ROR电竞体育兄弟对所有家具产品的保证无效. 以下所有保证的期限从交货之日起确定, defined as the ship date from our factory noted on the Company invoice, 只适用于转售客户及零售客户,并须有所有权证明(转售客户或本公司店铺的销售收据正本). 当商品被转售给第二个用户时,所有ROR电竞体育兄弟保证无效. 如果任何未经授权的售后市场土壤,ROR电竞体育兄弟将取消其缓冲和保修, fabric or leather protection, or chemical is applied, 包括 any stain guard protection. 看到护理 & Maintenance section for recommended care of fabric and leather coverings.

Frames and Springs: Cisco Brothers Frames and Springs, when subjected to normal use under normal conditions, 是否保证只要软垫产品覆盖在其原来的织物或皮革. Unfinished (raw) legs are excluded from warranty.

Motion Mechanisms, Sleeper Mechanisms, and Swivels: 运动机构、睡眠机构和旋转机构的保修为一(1)年.

Polyester Soft Fill Cushions: 聚酯软填料垫保证在产品的生命周期内不会失去弹性. 弹性的丧失不包括垫子的任何轻微的软化或纤维顶部的平坦. 看到护理 & 维护部分的建议如何保持缓冲弹性.

Feather Cloud: 羽毛云垫在材料和工艺方面的缺陷有7年的保证. 看到护理 & 维护部分的建议如何延长缓冲弹性.

Feather and Down Cushions: 羽毛和羽绒靠垫在材料和工艺方面的缺陷有三(3)年的保证期限. 看到护理 & 维护部分的建议如何延长缓冲弹性.

Sleeper Mattress: Warranted for ONE (1) year.
覆盖物:保修单不包括褪色或因酸等溢出造成的污渍, 溶剂, 染料, 墨水, 油漆, other corrosive chemicals or bodily fluids, 以及, improper cleaning, 滥用, 忽视, treating of coverings with chemical products, and exposure of coverings to sunlight, bright light or extreme heat, 每一种都可能对覆盖物造成损害,从而使整个保修失效.

面料: 室内装饰织物制造商不保证其产品的耐用性或色牢度. 而ROR电竞体育兄弟则尽一切努力选择耐用和不褪色的面料, we regret that we will be unable to honor adjustments, 索赔, or credits based on durability or colorfastness. Fabric coverings, other than Customer's Own Material (COM), are
warranted for ONE (1) year against manufacturing defects, seam slippage, pilling (unless pilling is a natural characteristic), 收缩, and nap loss. On all upholstery Cisco Brothers tries to align and match fabric patterns; however, 在大多数情况下,簇绒不允许精确的对齐和匹配的织物图案. The Company does not offer warranty for COM.

皮革: 所有 Cisco Brothers’ upholstered leather Goods use 100% leather, except loose back cushions and seat cushions, which are partially backed in a durable, breathable material to prevent puffing and potential mildew. Leather coverings, other than Customer’s Own Leather (COL) are warranted against tearing, splitting and seam slippage for ONE (1) year. ROR电竞体育兄弟的保修不包括个人隐藏的自然特征,如起皱, 标记, or variations in grain, color or hand. The Company does not offer warranty for COL.

Case Good Furniture: 木材产品保证在材料和工艺上无缺陷,保证期为一年. 木材是一种天然的有机材料,因此它能呼吸并对湿度和温度的变化做出反应, and will vary in shade, texture and 标记. Unfinished (raw) items are excluded from warranty.

Lighting: Warranted for ONE (1) year.

保修 Limitations and Exclusions
ROR电竞体育兄弟公司(Cisco Brothers)认为自己拥有业界最好的保修条款之一, which reflects the superior quality of its products; however, there are some necessary limitations and exclusions, detailed below.

Vintage Fabrics 保修
We use vintage textiles to make interesting upholstery. Although these items make for beautiful conversation pieces, they cannot be warrantied against regular wear and tear of the textiles. They are each coming from different places and have had their own life. 如果你想买一件经常使用的家具,你可能要考虑远离古董纺织品.

Disclaimer of Implied Warranties
"Implied warranties,“此处表明的保证,法律有时暗示已由卖方提供,即使他们没有书面规定:ROR电竞体育兄弟没有对适销性或适合于特定目的的默示保证. These and all other implied warranties are specifically disclaimed.

Place of Purchase
This warranty protects only Goods purchased by an original owner directly from a Cisco Brothers Customer; no re-sold Goods are protected under warranty.

Residential Use

Improper Care and Use
Like all quality furniture, Cisco Brothers Goods require routine maintenance, 适当的护理和使用对于保留本保证下的所有权利至关重要. 如果维修不当或使用不当造成货物损坏,本保证无效, 包括 the use of detergents,
abrasives or other harsh cleaning agents. Please refer to Maintenance & Care section for specific guidelines and recommendations.

Accidents, Abuse and Normal Wear and Tear
This warranty does not cover damage to Goods resulting from negligence, 滥用, normal wear and tear, or accidents, 包括 burns, 削减, 划痕, 眼泪, 底色, 水印, indentations or pet damage.

Product Modification
Any modification made to Goods by any retailer, 消费者, or other parties not authorized by Cisco Brothers will void this warranty.

Floor Samples or Products purchased "AS IS"

Differences from Floor Samples or Literature
因为ROR电竞体育兄弟商品都是用天然材料手工制作的,每一块都可能发生微小的变化, and as such this warranty does not cover such minor variations, 或地面样品或印刷插图与实际发货货物之间的差异.

Consequential or Incidental Damages
Cisco Brothers will not be liable for consequential or incidental damages. “Consequential and incidental damages” is herein defined as any loss, 费用, 或者可能由上述货物的缺陷造成的货物本身以外的损害. (Please note that some states exclude or limit warranty waivers to consequential and incidental damages; however)

保修 Rights and Enforcement.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Except for such other rights, 在本保证下提供的救济规定了ROR电竞体育兄弟的责任范围.

如果本保证的任何部分被任何司法管辖区或判决视为不可执行,则不应使整个保证无效, 但所有其他条款和规定应继续完全有效.